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How To Get Teaching Jobs in Lagos State

As in every sector in Nigeria, the numbers of those waiting to be employed is far beyond vacancies available at any point in time for now, and teaching jobs in Lagos has higher competition compared to other states with exception of the FCT. This is because in Lagos, the pay for teachers in many schools equals banking jobs pay and better in some cases with respect to junior staffs mainly. Whereas you may be paid N30,000 as a teacher in other states, the standard pay for teachers in good schools in Lagos is between eighty thousand and one hundred thousand naira. This does not however mean that all teaching jobs in Lagos pay above thirty thousand naira as some small schools pay below twenty thousand per month as well. The only sector where most Nigeria struggle t get employed in is the public sector and this article does not really apply to government jobs because of their peculiarity of employment method.

Easy Way To Secure A Teaching Job

To be employed as a teacher in Lagos, especially in schools that pays N80,000 and above, you must have studied education or attended some course/training in that line. From data available, schools that pay well will hardly employ a person who did not study education. The only exception to this will be that the candidate in question has sufficient experience in teaching.

Whereas you may be employed without a test in other states, in Lagos you must be prepared to teach in presence of some panel who will score you before employment. So you need adequate preparation on your specialized area before you start attending inerviews to enable you convert your job opportunities to employment.

Another way to earn well as a teacher in Lagos is to engage in house tutoring which can turn out to be better depending on the number of clients you have. In all, you will do well if you have the right qualification and well prepared to impress your panel.


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