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Job Application: How To Get Employment In Nigeria Fast

From experience, getting employed can be one of the most difficult task for young graduates, professionals and those wanting to change their jobs. Because we want your job search to be successful and fast too, we will look at how to employment or get a good job in Nigeria whether unemployment rate is high or not. You can also see how to apply for government jobs here.

1. Have a Plan

The old adage, “if your fail to plan, you have planned to fail” is still very true today as it is when it was first stated. Most job seekers go online to search for job vacancies without having a plan to executive in the process. The number one resultant effect of such actions is to often experience a long job hunt. (Spending months, and some time years to secure a good job that would otherwise have taken you one to three months to accomplish)

Think about it. We publish an average of 600 – 1000 vacant jobs on weekly basis at Career Hob. People fill those positions, all the time. So if you have been searching for a job without success for a while, its “commonsical” to think and appreciate that you may have been doing things wrongly.

In this new year, have a plan on how to go about job hunting in this manner, or something similar.

A. Time usage in job hunt: It common knowledge that one key resource available to everyone without exception is time, but how you make use of the time you have daily will determine how high you will fly in any engagement. As it relates to our topic, set a particular time apart to visit job sites in Nigeria and search and apply for the position you qualify for.

This does not have to be a particular time of the day, as that might be hard to keep up with, but specific number of hours to spend on job hunting daily. If you dont do this, you will end up spending all your online time on social media and news blogs that may not make your life better in any way.

B. Applying only for jobs that matches your qualification: Frustration often arise when you keep applying for jobs, you obviously do not qualify for. You don’t have to use prayers while applying for wrong jobs (i believe in prayers) But applying wisdom will bring you faster result. So apply for jobs you qualify for only and when specific qualification is not stated, you can apply. One sure ways not to get invited for interviews is to keep applying for jobs you don’t qualify for.

C. Ensure your phone is always on from 8am – 6pm daily: I have seen job seekers use their battery on fruitless social media activities and suffer for it. Your prospective employer is not going to keep trying your number till it goes through. In fact when i was working in an HR department, i realize that the fact that you phone is off is often interpreted as a sign of unseriousness. Many have missed golden opportunities with this attitude and in turn blame it on witches.

Make it a point of duty to exit whatsapp and social media when your battery gets to a certain percentage. AND IF you know the temptation to keep using the phone is bigger than you, get a small phone that hold your sim when your smart phone is down.

This is extra important, considering the “power holding” ability of our electricity distribution companies.

2: Get A Professional CV

I have seen many intelligent graduates carrying damning CVs around and hindering their chances without knowing. Some think that because they have first class or second class upper, they will easily secure a job on that merit, Think again. The fact that you are intelligent, ought to be visible on your CV as well. We all know how some people get good grades in schools these days, or you think recruiters live in space?

Know for sure that your CV is your opportunity to show your prospective future employers that you are the best candidate for the job before they meet you. In today’s labour market, standing out from the crowd is an essential requirement for speedy employment. Having a tailor-made professional CV void of contradictions and common pitfalls will set you head and shoulders above your competition any day, any time.

Professional CV are not expensive to get. At career Hob our CV service is affordable and highly professional (Click here to see our CV packages). But if you cannot invest just a token to get a professional CV or invest your time to learn how how to create one yourself to enable you get that job quick, then your unseriousness might just be on a whole new level, or just maybe your village people are pressing your button. Lol

3. Prepare For Interview: On the road to securing your dream job, it is very important that you live ready. Don’t go lose your job chances to someone less intelligent or qualified because of your failure to prepare for interview. There are some people who are natural smooth talkers. But if you don’t belong to that class, wisdom demands that you prepare yourself.

What is more, have a positive attitude and always dress to impress when attending an interview. Attending interviews with foolish outfits have stolen job opportunities from thousands. Don’t join that group.

Best of luck