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How To Answer The Top Interview Questions Successfully

The most difficult hurdle on your way to securing your dream job is been successful at interviews. The interview is often the real test of what you claim to possess in your resume. No matter how shinning your first class is, if you can’t back that up by simply answering questions relating to your field smoothly, you may stay long on the job hunting line. There are some top interview questions and answer that are must in all interviews. Below you will find the top interview questions interviewers normally ask and how to answer them well.

1. “Tell us/me about yourself.”

In answering this question, don’t tell the interviewers of your favorite hobbies, health related matters, or how much you do enjoy playing different video games etc. See this as your opportunity to provide a brief 1 to 2 minutes overview of the aspects of your previous work experience and background that directly relate to the current position you are been interviewed for. Tell your interviewers about some related accomplishments you are proud of, and how you think they have prepared you for the current open position you’re interviewing for.

For Example: “I have had six years of advertising sector experience, also i have spent the past 3 years functioning as the Assistant Production Manager at XYZ Group. In that capacity, i oversaw the company production schedules, staff recruitment, and deadlines. During that period, I was able to successfully streamline the workflow so that we as a company were able to meet the deadline for every monthly print project, and in many instances we went ahead to print before the deadlines set by the company. Our proficiency and effectiveness saved the company two weeks worth of staff overtime and regular accompanying expenses. One of my greatest skills is time management, and I’m sure that it would easily transfer to the Production Manager position you’re offering here in your reputable company.”

2. “Tell us Of What you think your greatest weakness is?”

Make sure you don’t say anything that could reduces your chances of been considered favourably for the job. For example, “I can be very slow in adapting to change or am slow at adapting to changes” is not a wise answer under any circumstances in the interview hall, since change is part of any work environments as employers use various method to increase profit. Make sure you avoid calling attention of interviewers to any weakness that’s one of the major qualities the HR Manager is looking for. Also ensure to avoid these lines “I’m a workaholic,” or this “I’m a perfectionist.” Don’t just go there, else you might be in for more than you bargained for.

The most appropriate method to employ in answering this question is to honestly mention a real weakness you have that won’t jeopardize your ability to do the job adequately, or simply talk of a skill that you are just learning and want to develop but not yet perfect at it. A skill that may enhance performance but won’t affect adequate performance.

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For instance: “I am not as proficient as I would like to be on social media, as a result, I’m spending time weekly searching topics I’m interested in, and reading about the business value of social media. I’m already actively learning some things in this regard that I can bring to this reputable company. I hope to find more effective ideas on how to use social media as an effective customer relationship mechanism.”

3. “Tell us where you see yourself in five years from now?”

This is a question that is disguised and it actually means “Could we count on you to stay with this company for a long time?”

Truth is no one can really tell exactly where they’ll be in five years. Because of that fact, the appropriate way to answer this is by saying you hope to be well established as someone who is helping the company you are interviewing with succeed. You may flip the question back to the interviewer, and ask where they see the company in five years, but this is not advisable for interviewers that are not friendly. Most companies have goals, plans and strategy that look ahead two to five years or even more. If they answer you, you would know how to fit in your answer. In the absence of that, stick with an answer that show you are willing to grow with the company.

4. “Tell us about a time you failed on the job.”

Remember that working on the job is not some Marvel or DC Comic super hero movies where no weakness may exist. Recognize that everyone has failed at some point without exception. Therefore, don’t claim you’ve never messed up on the job. Answer by thinking of a time when a project you handled didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Interviewers know that everyone has failed at some point, hence they are interested in knowing how you took responsibility for your failure at the time, what you learned from it, and how you would easily prevent similar occurrence again.

For Instance: “This one time, i rushed a project to enable me double my target. Because of the rush, i inadvertently forgot some major steps i should take. Fortunately the company discovered my mistake before the conclusion of the sale. Though the customer weren’t happy, we pacified them and I ensure to never make such mistake again.”

One other popular question interviewers ask is asking to know what you don’t like about your previous/current place of work.

In answering this question, don’t use the time to vent or focus on the negative answers such as “My boss was a jerk,” or “They weren’tready to give me the opportunity to take my career to the next level.” What you do Instead, is keep the emphasis on the positive as much as you can, even though there are things you weren’t happy about in your previous/current place.Try not to bad-mouth the company or employer.


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